Tarot & Oracle Divination Mats by Xia Hunt

Created by Alexandria Huntington

Lavishly illustrated divination mats suitable for Tarot, oracle, & pendulum readings, charm & rune casting, occult décor & more! Gemstone Astrology dice sets, Divination coins, embroidered velvet pouches also available. **Free Pouch for any Dice set or Coin purchase, please choose your color with the add-on below**

Latest Updates from Our Project:

New reward tiers are now available!
8 months ago – Fri, Jun 10, 2022 at 04:11:55 AM

Hello to all my lovely backers and welcome to June.

I have been hearing from lots of you, which I love! You have great questions and suggestions that I have really taken to heart. So read on for more exciting updates based on your feedback.

I Have Added New Reward Tiers

Folks have been asking me if they can pledge for any one or combination of divination mats...including the mats we unlocked via our stretch goal.  At first, I was just telling people to pledge for the size mat they wanted, and we would work out which one during the survey, in an Order Notes Section.  This works because the Astrology mat and Litha mat are the same size/price (Both 18x18 and $22), and The Charm Casting mat and The Nameless One mat are likewise the same size/price (both 22x30 and $33). 

However, I recently found out I could add new reward tiers to Kickstarter even after launching the campaign (I thought they locked that option up). Given this new knowledge, I thought it might be easier for some people if I were to create separate reward tiers that included the newly unlocked mat designs. Hopefully this will also give me a better idea of how many mats of each design I need to order. 

For example, if you only want The Nameless One inspired mat, you can now pledge just for that one.

PLEASE NOTE: YOU DO NOT NEED TO CHANGE YOUR BASE REWARD TIER IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO.  Again, we can still figure it out via the survey as I said before, so no worries there. This is just another option for those who want it.  Of course, all the mats and any subsequently unlocked stretch goals will also be available as add-ons to any reward tier. 

What are the new options?

  •  DICE ONLY - I  added a separate reward tier for just the crystal astrology dice, so if you are not into the mats and just want the dice, that’s the tier for you.
  •  ALL 4 MATS -  I went ahead and added a reward tier for ALL FOUR MATS at a slight DISCOUNT, just to make it easier for those who want everything. So now you can pledge $100 and get all four mats.
  •  ALL 4 MATS AND THE GEMSTONE DICE - If you want all 4 mats AND the crystal astrology dice, all for $144, PLUS a free 8x8 astrology wheel sticker as a gift, this is for you.  Also note that when we unlock the next stretch goal for the Onyx dice, you will be able to choose which set you want with any tier that includes the dice.

When the next goal is unlocked, I will add another reward tier so you will be able get ALL 4 mats and BOTH sets of dice for $188 (plus the free sticker)! As stretch goals are unlocked, I will continue adding reward tiers to reflect different combination bundles.

Phew, hopefully that makes sense and makes things easier for everyone. At the end of the day, remember that you can always add on anything at the end of the campaign via the Backerkit preorder store and/or via your survey.

Should I increase my pledge now or add on later?

I keep getting this question so I thought I should give you all the official answer. The short answer is, either way works. The longer answer is, if you pledge during the campaign, we are likely to unlock more stretch goals and secure them for all backers. Plus, it gives the campaign more momentum, which is fun for everyone! However, if you are not sure yet and want to see how things progress, then I encourage you to wait rather than canceling or decreasing your pledge over the course of the campaign. Also, please remember that your credit card will not be charged until the campaign ends (which is 49 days from now).

As always, I love seeing your enthusiasm and hearing your great ideas, so reach out via comments or send me a private message or email to

Love, Light and Gratitude to all for your continued patience and support!


...Wow...We funded this thing in A SINGLE DAY!!
8 months ago – Fri, Jun 10, 2022 at 04:07:20 AM

You lot are simply extraordinary!

Wow! We have not only funded the Kickstarter's base goal, but we have ALSO unlocked the first stretch a single day!! Thank you so much for your support, you are all simply amazing. I couldn't ask for a better community. I honestly cannot believe it...I have to admit, I was a little worried about launching a Kickstarter for something other than a tarot deck...but I guess that fear was unwarranted...That's one mistake that feels really good to admit to! So. Let's discuss what this means, shall we?

The Children of Litha Tarot Mat is now UNLOCKED!

The Children of Litha Themed Tarot Mat has been UNLOCKED!

I have updated the stretch goal master list to reflect this achievement and added a price chart for the stretch goals at the end of the main campaign page.  I have also added new preview artwork of the Eye/ Heart Divination know, to get the fires going for stretch goals still to come! So please do check that out. ;)

How do I add on unlocked stretch goals?

After each stretch goal is officially unlocked, I will add the item to Kickstarter's "add-on" section of the reward tiers... This should enable you to add the desired item to your current reward tier by going to the "manage my pledge" button and simply adding it on.

If you adjust your pledge by the desired amount manually without going through Kickstarter's Add-on section, then make sure to double-check your math and remind us which item you accounted for on your surveys at the end of the campaign.

PLEASE NOTE! We will collect the shipping AFTER the campaign, so these prices do not account for that. We will update the shipping estimate chart in the coming days to help give backers a better idea of what that will look like.

So I guess that's it for now!  Please do spread the word about this Kickstarter to anyone you think might be interested...we have a lot of really cool stuff yet to be unlocked! 

Thank you all again SO much, and I hope everyone has an amazing week ahead,


Almost to the third stretch goal...and I have some art updates!
8 months ago – Thu, Jun 09, 2022 at 01:58:35 PM

Almost there!

Hello all, I hope you are doing well! 

This weekend we saw the campaign fluctuate quite a bit... and I just wanted to reassure everyone that this is very typical. After the excitement of the launch, the middle part of Kickstarter campaigns tends to ebb, flow, and settle down quite a bit (although it makes me bite my thumbs every time I see it lol). Along that same vein, I wanted to take the time to thank everyone who has been sticking it out with me, and those of you who have recently pledged (welcome!!!).  I sincerely appreciate your continued support, and I hope that together we can unlock all the stretch goals! As of tonight, we are SUPER close to unlocking the third stretch goal, the Black Onyx Gemstone Astrology Dice...So let's stoke the fires of excitement with some art updates!

The artwork for all the Divination coins has just been completed!

Now, the designs here may have to be tweaked a bit by the manufacturer, but I have done this with the same manufacturing team before, and they are usually really good at reinterpreting my artwork into coin form. At the end of this segment, I'll post the pictures of the coins I have already made with their help next to the design I had drawn for them so you can see what I mean.

All the coin artwork

 I have updated the main campaign page to reflect these artwork updates, so feel free to check it out there anytime. ALSO! here are the designs I have already made into coins, next to pictures of the finished coin. These coins are also currently available as add-ons to any reward tier.

The Crow (Flight) / Ouroboros (Rings) Coin from design to completion
The Sun (Sol) / Moon (Luna) Coin from design to completion
The Fox / The Hare Coin from design to completion

So, as you can see, very little of the design is altered during this process, and the spirit of the design remains entirely intact...So please do not worry about that!

What am I working on now?

Dare I say it...I shall commence work on...The 33 card Onyx Astrology Oracle Deck.

   Call it pre-mature if you like,  but I have a lot of faith we will unlock that goal, and I would like to be prepared! Let's just say it's part of my manifestation process. At any rate, now that the coin artwork is done, I will be ramping up my efforts to complete the artwork for the oracle deck, the last potential reward achievable during this campaign, and I will be updating you all on my progress here! One of many Kickstarter perks to come;) So please look forward to that.

The Nameless One Themed mat

Someone mentioned to me that they would like a larger picture of The Nameless One mat because the fine detail work is difficult to see when the front and back are side by side in one smaller image...and I live to please, so here is that!

The Nameless Mat Frontside
The Nameless One Mat Backside

I hope this helps!

Manufacturer Proof Updates...Forthcoming

So, I have submitted the artwork to the manufacturer for the mats, and have paid out of pocket to begin the proofing process. I hope to have some fun updates to that effect later! We should get them in a few weeks.

When will Kickstarter take the money I have pledged?

I just wanted to remind everyone that Kickstarter takes NOTHING from you until AFTER the campaign ends. That means your card will not be charged until that day. At this point, if your card had insufficient funds or some other mishap happens, they give you about a week to fix the issue and try again. I got a few questions about this, so I just wanted to make sure that was cleared up.  

Thank you!

This really cannot be said enough. As a small business (me, my partner, and my mother) I really depend on your investments via Kickstarter to gather the funds to make new products and bring more magick into the world. This is my dream and my livelihood, and by pledging to these campaigns, you are making it all happen. Your pledges and support are absolutely vital.  I love and appreciate your help more than you know, and wish sincerely that your generosity be repaid in kind threefold. 

Thank you all so much!

PS! You're all invited...

Please feel free to join me for an Instagram (@Xiahunt) live stream tomorrow (Tuesday morning May 31st 10:30 PT) ...for a Tarot Tuesday Horoscope! Tuesday is ruled by Mars, Mars rules passion, aggression, action, and force...So I will be pulling a card or two for each sign in the zodiac to address what has got you fired up this week.  It would be great if I could see you there. <3

WOWZA! Two stretch goals down! shipping & art updates!
8 months ago – Thu, Jun 09, 2022 at 01:56:07 PM

The second stretch goal...HAS BEEN UNLOCKED!

What a wonderful way to wake up this morning...finding that little fairies had been working through the night to get us past the mark to unlock the second stretch goal!!! To all my new backers, thank you so much for joining this journey. To all my current backers who increased your pledges (yes, I see you gleeful bunch back there...!) thank you so, so much for all your continued support and enthusiasm. 

So that means I will be able to release the large 30 x 22" mat inspired by The Nameless One.  Here is the newly updated design we have for it, let me know what you think! And of course, I have updated the main campaign page to reflect this achievement. ;)

The Nameless One Front and Back
A close up of the front of the newly updated Nameless Themed Divination Mat...
The back design remains an elegant yet simple motif of wispy shapes subtly repeating against a deep black/violet as to be more compatible with decks other than The Nameless, and offer a more austere surface for readers who prefer something a little simpler.


Speaking of suggestions, after receiving comments from several people about adding my existing divination coins as add-ons to this campaign, I decided to do just that. AND, I've decided to offer them to my lovely Kickstarter backers for the discounted price of $11 each (they are $15 on my site). So if you want to add the Sol/Luna (silver or gold), the Fox/Hare (silver or copper), and/or the Crow/Ouroboros (silver or copper) coins to your pledge... You can! Do this either by adding them to your pledge now by clicking the "manage my pledge" button and adding them on... or add them at the end through the Backerkit survey. 

Yes, by the way, we met yesterday and decided to partner with Backerkit to make the survey, add-on, and shipping process more efficient and fool-proof! Here are some photos of the existing coins you can now add on, for those of you who may be unfamiliar. 

Crow/Ouroboros Lucky Divination Coin
Sol & Luna Lucky Divination Coin
Fox/Hare Lucky Divination Coin


That is a very good question with several answers. First, I just love making and using coins. Flipping coins is one of the oldest forms of divination and frankly, they make great fidget fiddlers for finicky fingers. BUT, I also wanted to make a set that could also be used like Witches Runes. Usually, a set of Witch runes just have simple symbols on them representing: Sun, Moon, Flight, Rings, Trinity (Sometimes called Romance), Woman, Man, Harvest, Crossroads, Waves, Star, Scythe, and Eye. (You can google the meanings if you want.) I wanted to create a more...illustrative set of Witch runes and I thought the coins would be a great way to do that. So there you have it. 

That means that if we unlock all the coin goals (and you already have my Sol/Luna (Sun, Moon), Fox/Hare (Xia Exclusive additions), and Crow/Ouroboros (Flight, Rings) coins and / add the rest to your pledge during this campaign...then you'll have a complete set of witch rune coins to practice with! :) Here's another work-in-progress coin design I've been working on. 

Scythe (Reaper) & Harvest Front and back design
Heart (romance) & Eye design
Star & Crossroads Coin design


Boy, shipping is really the worst part of my job. I wish I could just have a little shop magically accessible to everyone in the world where you could all just stop in, join me for a coffee or tea, and browse my occult selection while I wrap up all your goodies for you, and then send you on your merry way. Unfortunately, most of you don't live in my neck of the woods, so we must deal with the logical nightmare that is shipping. 

Regrettably, my lame little shipping chart which first appeared in the campaign details was limited, hard to read, and left out many countries...including Canada, where a ton of my most dedicated backers live! Whoops. Sorry guys, my bad!  It took a couple of hours (days? what is time anyway?) to put together, but here is a more comprehensive chart to give you a better idea of shipping costs to most regions. I'll post it here, but it has also replaced the old chart on the main campaign page so that you can reference it there whenever. 

Estimated Shipping Costs by Package Weight and Region. Please note, shipping estimates are subject to change based on fluctuating shipping prices.

Unfortunately, there are several countries that I simply cannot ship to right now due to geopolitical issues...I'm so sorry Russia and Ukraine...My label software literally blocks me from creating shipping labels to those regions... :( There are other areas that are historically fraught with shipping-related issues such as Chile, UAE, and South if you are from one of these places, we may have to make special arrangements. Please message me if this is the case. 

Also, please note that with the shipping cost fluctuations due to fuel prices, supply chain issues, and inflation, it's almost impossible to know for sure how much the shipping will actually be once the time comes to send out orders. I lost my shirt on shipping The Nameless One, so I'm not going to make that mistake again. To remind you, I'll be charging you for shipping separately, after the campaign has ended, when we are ready to fulfill orders. Hopefully, since I intend to fulfill this campaign much more quickly, it shouldn't be too far off from these estimates. 

Oh, also for packages that are 1-3 pounds, I'll probably use USPS (priority mail for US backers and First Class International for everyone else). If it's over 3 pounds, UPS is usually the least expensive option. There are a few countries where it's far less expensive to ship "flat export," which uses a variety of carriers to route the package. Unfortunately, due to all the hand-offs, tracking is very limited. I think I will add a question to the final survey to see if you want to select "least expensive" shipping or UPS Expedited so you can choose.

So I think we are all caught up now!

Thank you all again SO much for your support and patience. Words truly cannot express my depth of gratitude for each one of you! 

Have a lovely weekend,