Tarot & Oracle Divination Mats by Xia Hunt

Created by Alexandria Huntington

Lavishly illustrated divination mats suitable for Tarot, oracle, & pendulum readings, charm & rune casting, occult décor & more! Gemstone Astrology dice sets, Divination coins, embroidered velvet pouches also available. **Free Pouch for any Dice set or Coin purchase, please choose your color with the add-on below**

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Another Stretch Goal unlocked - Star/Crossroads Divination Coin...Lets keep it Rollin!
5 months ago – Wed, Jul 20, 2022 at 11:57:54 PM

Stretch Goal Unlocked!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all my new and loyal backers! It's been a bit touch-and-go these last few weeks, as we had a lot of backers changing and canceling their pledges, and we saw the campaign run forward, then slide back. But it looks pretty safe to say that we now have unlocked the next stretch goal! The Star/Crossroads divination coin. 

Updated Stretch goal Sheet

I'm so excited for this one! Here's how you might interpret the symbolism in this coin when doing your divination or meditation work: 

The Star 

In general, stars represent hope, honor, renewal, achievement, salvation, inspiration, and navigation. It was by starlight that our ancient ancestors learned to brave the dark unknown and explore the world; it was the stars that urged them onward toward adventurous and new horizons, and it was by the map they painted in the heavens that led them faithfully home again. It was by starlight we learned to track the passage of time and to decipher the coded messages of the gods via the emblazoned tapestry of fate and free will that they hung in the blackness of night. It was the stars that aided the first shamans, mystics, alchemists, priestesses, and priests in their quest to better know their gods, their world, and by extension, themselves and their destiny.  This specific star is an eight-pointed star, also known as Octagram, which has its own subset of symbolic meaning. The Octogram is a symbol of the Babylonian goddesses Ishtar, as well as her Greco-Roman descendent Aphrodite/Venus. Both goddesses imbue the Octogram with connotations of beauty, celestial harmony, fertility, and the raw power of creation. It is a star of prosperity in Hinduism, connected to the goddess of wealth, Lakshmi. She is said to govern over the 8 forms of prosperity: A wealth of knowledge, material wealth, a wealth of food/nourishment, a wealth of courage/valor, a wealth of progeny/family, a wealth of victory/success, a wealth of leadership/authority, and spiritual wealth, or that of self-knowing.  In Abrahamic mythologies, it is a star of prophecy and salvation. It can also represent the 8 holy days on the Pagan Wheel of the year, the Eightfold Path taught by Buddha to reach enlightenment, or the four elements overlapped with the four seasons.  

I could go on literally for pages about the Octogram, but I think you get the idea.  This heavy symbolism is also why I chose an eight-pointed star for the icon of The Children of the Wheel Series, the 8 Tarot/ Oracle decks I am currently working on (the first of which is The Children of Litha, soon to be followed by The Children of Ostara in Spring 2023). I have also included a very subtle Octogram as the center of the Signature Sigil on The Nameless One (A Tarot & Oracle Deck). In fact, the 8-pointed star will be making an appearance in every deck that I do, overtly or otherwise, for the foreseeable future ;) It is a very important omen for me, personally,  so I am really happy to have this coin unlocked!! Major blessings to you all who helped make that happen! 

The Crossroads:

The Crossroads, or Labyrinth, is modeled after Hecate's wheel. Hecate is the Greek goddess of Witchcraft,  magick, spells, crossroads, doorways, liminal spaces, the moon, ghosts, healing and poisonous plants, and all things that go 'bump' in the night.  She is a protector of women and of the home, as well as a master of that which is hidden or obscured. The Crossroads coin represents a difficult choice, a chaotic or uncertain moment, a precipice, utter well as a reminder of our ability to overcome via the inner power we all have locked away within us. We use the star to navigate through the crossroads--to help guide us into our freedom and purpose, both internally and externally.  To "be at a crossroads" is an expression that means we are at a point where a very important decision needs to be made--one from which there will likely be no return.  It is stressful, scary, and difficult, we may not be able to see the way out right away, and so we may be trying to stall or delay. Be that as it may, the time has come and a direction must be chosen. Look within, Follow the star, and navigate through the labyrinth of free will. 

More coins?

As far as the remaining coins, we'll have to wait and see what happens and how these last few days play out. Like I've said before, I'm determined to create the whole set of coins so they can also be used as Witch's runes. So I'm thinking through some ideas of how I might be able to make this work. More on that as things shake out. 

Dice Design Update

I think I mentioned in my last update that I was trying to find a more stylized astrology font to engrave in the Astrology dice. I found a great one and my manufacturer has already produced a sample. They did say they would experiment with making the lines just a touch thicker.  Let me know what you think. Here's some pictures and a video! 

New font! I love it.

Velvet Pouch Updates

Some of you may have seen my Instagram Live where I showed you the samples I've received from the Manufacturer. I mentioned I might make one a Kickstarter Exclusive Limited Edition. I also pondered the idea of getting a gold velvet as well. Here's where I landed on these questions. I will make the purple pouch with silver embroidery the limited edition option. I'll probably order a small number of extras for my store but once they sell out, they will be gone! But, then I'll have the silver velvet and gold velvet, both with black embroidery, available for...forever? Not sure I can promise that, but they won't be a limited edition, at any rate.  Also, just FYI, if you are getting any of the coins and/or any of the dice you can select whichever color pouch you want, but you only get 1 for free. If you want to buy more, you can add them on to your pledge or order them in my preorder store (read next part) for $11. After that, they will be available at for $15 each. It pays to be a backer!

The Silver and Violet pouches

BackerKit Preorder Store

In between all the other things I've been doing to get ready for fulfilling this campaign, I've been setting up my Preorder Store with BackerKit. I'm experiencing a few challenges, but things are coming along. If you've never done a BackerKit survey before, basically how it works is that your pledge becomes a "credit" in the store. So for example, say you initially added on $11 for a Sun/Moon coin to your $22 pledge for a Children of Litha Mat, you have $33 to spend in the store. You can stick with your initial choices, change your selection, or add to your selections. It is my understanding that you can continue returning to the store if you change your mind or if new goals get unlocked and you want to add them on. It remains open until I need to finalize the order quantities and place my orders with the manufacturers. I expect it will stay open at least a couple weeks after the campaign ends...So do try to get things settled asap after the campaign! It is with this survey at the end that I will also be charging for shipping, so keep that in mind. 

Well, I guess that's all the news I have for you right now. I hope you all have fun plans for the weekend and I'll be keeping you all updated with any new updates. 

Sending love and light,


FAQ: How you can use Divination Coins in your practice
5 months ago – Thu, Jul 07, 2022 at 12:16:24 AM

Hi everyone, 

I hope this mini update finds you well. I've been getting a few questions about the divination coins I have as stretch goals/add-ons and I thought this would be a good topic for a little FAQ update, especially as we are really close to unlocking the next stretch goal for the Star/Crossroads coin (yay!!!). 

Which reminds me to ask you all to let your like-minded friends to check out this campaign. I realized that by having this specifically listed as a divination mat campaign, people may skip it not realizing we also have gemstone dice and the possibility of unlocking all these awesome coins! There is no need to include the mats if one does not like or need them. Simply select the lowest pledge amount, add additional funds for the coins you want. Then when we send out surveys you'll be able to specify exactly what you want to get. 

Now, on to the fun stuff!

Several people have asked how to incorporate coins into their meditation and divination practices. There are actually many ways you can use them. The easiest way is clarify a reading by asking a yes or no question and answering it with a flip of the coin. For example, you may do a tarot reading and then ask the coins "Am I interpreting this tarot spread correctly?" You assign a "yes" answer to one side and a "no" answer to the other, and then toss. 

A more nuanced way to use the coins is by interpreting the symbolism of the images on the coin(s). For example, if you got a tarot, rune, or charm casting reading that indicated that you needed to take action of some kind, you could flip the heart/eye coin to see whether logic or emotion should guide the action. If the coin landed on the eye, it might mean you should proceed logically, remain impartial, take a strategic move. If it landed on the heart, it might mean you need to follow your heart, listen to your emotions, consider what would make you or others happiest about the action. 

A sort of hybrid approach might be to use the coins to direct how you go about your divination to begin with. So if you are doing a tarot reading for example, you could use the eye/heart coin to indicate whether your reading should be more "literal" if the coin lands on the eye side (e.g., use the book to interpret the meaning) ore more "intuitive" if the coin lands on the heart side (e.g., use the imagery to base the interpretation on how you feel rather than what the card is *supposed to mean.*

If we get unlock all of the coins, you might simply toss them all out onto the divination mat from a dish or pouch, and then depending on which coins land face up on which mat section, do a full reading 

of the coins in much the same way that you would do a rune or charm casting. For example, the Hare side of the Fox/Hare coin in the "Love" section of the mat means "Listen to the needs of your partner." If the Crow fell into the labor section, it could mean "prioritize your freedom" OR "work will ask you to travel soon." Fox in the labor section might mean an innovative problem needs creative troubleshooting. 

Or, you might even choose to simply carry the coin around as a grounding talisman or charm to invoke the strengths of whatever symbol the coin has. For example, the Eye/Heart coin might help us become more aware and emotionally receptive. While the Fox/Hare coin might inspire swift action and resourcefulness. The Crow/Ouroboros coin might invoke prophecy, wisdom, and healing/renewal.

Those are some of my favorite ways to use the coins, but truly the only limitation on how you use them is your own creativity! They are a lot of fun, and I hope to be able to start writing a guide for how to use a complete set (or even two) as a unique divination system. But…well, we’ll have to unlock the whole set first. ;) I'm looking forward to seeing how much we accomplish in the next two weeks or so!

As always, thank you so much for your support. 

Blessed be,


Another stretch goal reached! (The Eye /Heart Divination coin is now available!)
6 months ago – Wed, Jun 22, 2022 at 12:09:29 AM

Hello everyone!

While I was lost and trudging neck-deep in work the other day, you lovely, wonderful, and shall we say...metaphysically-inclined individuals, had unlocked yet another stretch goal! I'm especially pleased with having met this new goal because it marks the FIRST of the divination coins! 

Here is a picture of the Heart/Eye Coin, now officially available!

 The Eye :
          Typically, The Eye is a symbol of the intellect--both divine and mundane. It represents clairvoyance, omniscience, logic, awareness, vigilance, enlightenment via reason, and protection. FUN FACT: I Initially designed this eye as my own personal "Xian Evil-eye".  It invokes the four elements (using the triangles inside the pupil) and the spirit (via the star of Venus made by the negative space of the elemental triangles) to shield one against both physical harm as well as psychic attack, brings luck, attracts wealth, and helps transmute hate into is effectively the most elaborate sigil I've designed, and you can now carry it around in your pocket!

The Alchemic Heart:
          In general, the heart represents our emotions, love, and relationships. this alchemic heart shows the internal transmutation process of transforming "lesser" emotions that block the path to enlightenment (such as hate, jealousy, greed, and fear) into higher ones that elevate the psyche and fuel the soul (such as love, passion, wonder, gratitude, happiness, excitement, and determination). The Alchemic heart overflows with either joy or sorrow, passion or fury. It teaches us that it is only by working through and with these lesser emotions (and not denying or repressing them) that we may fully come to know and embrace the higher. Moreover, when we are able to know ourselves and love ourselves regardless of whatever we find during that process, we are able to make stronger and more meaningful connections with others. We see our own mortality and divinity and see this duality reflected in those we love as well. 

The Coin as a whole:

Reason and emotion. logos and pathos. Mind and Heart. These two are different sides of the same coin--litterally--the one being inherently inseparable from the other...Both are equal partners in our quest for enlightenment.  In other words, to deny one is to deny the other, and as a result, deny full access to both. This coin is a physical reminder of that fact. If we neglect or deny our emotions, they simply rule us from the shadows, disenabling us to perceive our own emotional biases. This limits our ability to know ourselves and therefore form lasting connections with each other. At the same time,  If we ignore our logic, and act against or without reason, we are lesser than the lowest beasts and are left awash within the tremulous sea of emotion. Pushed this way and that without power and without agency, forced to yield to each passing circumstance like a bobbing cork in the ocean must yield to the waves. Instead of creating or manifesting or acting, we are simply made to re-act--again and again, repeating the same ineffective or damaging cycles.  

However, even after we acknowledge the importance of both facilities, it is nonetheless true that different locks require different keys to open different doors...and there are times when the heart and the mind seem equally compelling advisors, and yet pull us in two different directions.  If one is truly at a standstill, why not ask the fates? Flip the coin and let the force of potential and possibilities guide you. 


So, where are we now?

      Now, I'm in the process of refining the first round of proofs for all the coins with the manufacturer, so by the time this Kickstarter ends, I should be ready to place the order right away.  Fun, right? For the mat and the pouch, Samples are made, and although the mail is slow as ever,  we should have more on that soon.  Here is an updated look at the stretch goal list! Only 5 more to go!

Updated stretch goal list!

I have already updated the main campaign page to reflect this newest victory, and have added the heart/ eye coin to the official Kickstarter add-ons as well. You can change your reward and add it on that way, or simply increase your pledge amount by $11 to include the coin. Don't forget! Now any coins or dice sets come with a free embroidered pouch! At the end of the campaign, you will be able to choose either a gold or silver finish for any of the coins you added. 


As usual, thank you all SO SO much for your continued support and patience.  I hope we can get all these beautiful coins made--then I will be offering sets with a guide for how to use them as Witch Runes...But more on that later. ;)

Third Stretch goal...UNLOCKED!...and for you guys who get the dice or coins, a free gift.
6 months ago – Fri, Jun 10, 2022 at 04:13:23 AM

Black Onyx Gemstone Astrology Dice...Now officially available! 

Hello everyone! 

I hope you are all doing well and have had a fantastic weekend. I have some really good news to share. As of today, the natural Black Onyx Gemstone Astrology Dice stretch goal has been UNLOCKED...which means they are OFFICIALLY available! 

Now you get to choose between either the Clear Quartz OR Black Onyx gemstone dice with any reward that includes a set of dice. There will be an option to select which set you would like with the surveys at the end if your reward tier only comes with one set*. You can now also ADD the Black Onyx Astrology Dice to any existing reward as an add-on. 

* A new reward tier has been unlocked for all FOUR Divination mats (The Astrology mat, The Children of Litha mat, The Nameless One mat, AND the Charm Casting mat), PLUS a set of BOTH the Clear Quartz AND Black Onyx gemstone astrology dice. And you get a FREE 8x8 Astrology Sticker for your generosity with this one too!

...New dice, new me, free gift.

One last thing. I am REALLY looking forward to getting some of these coin goals unlocked show my gratitude to all of you who are helping me to pull this Kickstarter together, I have decided to remove the Embroidered pouch stretch goal...and include it as a FREE GIFT with any of the Dice OR coin sets (once the coin sets are unlocked)! You can also choose to add on the Embroidered pouch to any reward. More on the pouch design at the end.

To make this change possible, I am prepared to pay for the embroidered coin/ dice pouches out of pocket if need be, and consequently, I will likely be making a pretty small run of them to start. I'll be having some samples made soon, and I hope to show them before the campaign ends. I am hoping this will give us the head start we need to unlock all the coin designs by the end of this campaign.  Below is the new stretch goal master list, updated to reflect this change.

So...What will this pouch look like?

All I know for sure at this point is it will be big enough to fit all the coins and the dice and will have my logo embroidered on it. Right now I am thinking of a silvery lavender fabric with black thread, but a deep violet fabric with gold or silver thread is also something I am considering. It will be smaller than the deck pouches I have made in the past at 5x7", perfect for fitting all the coins and dice, with perhaps a bit of extra room (depending on how many coins you get ;) ). I'm talking to my manufacturer tonight and getting some samples made, so hopefully, I can show you guys something to that effect soon, Here is my logo, for those of you unfamiliar:

Xia Hunt Logo design...Some version of this will be embroidered on the pouches. Hopefully, the samples will be done soon!

 PLEASE NOTE: If your reward tier comes with a dice set, or you add on any of the dice or coins, you will get 1 (one) free pouch. To add extra, or get one without ordering the coins or dice, you will have to add it to your order manually via add-on.

Thanks so much to everyone for your continued patience and support...Now let's get some of these coins made!!

New reward tiers are now available!
6 months ago – Fri, Jun 10, 2022 at 04:11:55 AM

Hello to all my lovely backers and welcome to June.

I have been hearing from lots of you, which I love! You have great questions and suggestions that I have really taken to heart. So read on for more exciting updates based on your feedback.

I Have Added New Reward Tiers

Folks have been asking me if they can pledge for any one or combination of divination mats...including the mats we unlocked via our stretch goal.  At first, I was just telling people to pledge for the size mat they wanted, and we would work out which one during the survey, in an Order Notes Section.  This works because the Astrology mat and Litha mat are the same size/price (Both 18x18 and $22), and The Charm Casting mat and The Nameless One mat are likewise the same size/price (both 22x30 and $33). 

However, I recently found out I could add new reward tiers to Kickstarter even after launching the campaign (I thought they locked that option up). Given this new knowledge, I thought it might be easier for some people if I were to create separate reward tiers that included the newly unlocked mat designs. Hopefully this will also give me a better idea of how many mats of each design I need to order. 

For example, if you only want The Nameless One inspired mat, you can now pledge just for that one.

PLEASE NOTE: YOU DO NOT NEED TO CHANGE YOUR BASE REWARD TIER IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO.  Again, we can still figure it out via the survey as I said before, so no worries there. This is just another option for those who want it.  Of course, all the mats and any subsequently unlocked stretch goals will also be available as add-ons to any reward tier. 

What are the new options?

  •  DICE ONLY - I  added a separate reward tier for just the crystal astrology dice, so if you are not into the mats and just want the dice, that’s the tier for you.
  •  ALL 4 MATS -  I went ahead and added a reward tier for ALL FOUR MATS at a slight DISCOUNT, just to make it easier for those who want everything. So now you can pledge $100 and get all four mats.
  •  ALL 4 MATS AND THE GEMSTONE DICE - If you want all 4 mats AND the crystal astrology dice, all for $144, PLUS a free 8x8 astrology wheel sticker as a gift, this is for you.  Also note that when we unlock the next stretch goal for the Onyx dice, you will be able to choose which set you want with any tier that includes the dice.

When the next goal is unlocked, I will add another reward tier so you will be able get ALL 4 mats and BOTH sets of dice for $188 (plus the free sticker)! As stretch goals are unlocked, I will continue adding reward tiers to reflect different combination bundles.

Phew, hopefully that makes sense and makes things easier for everyone. At the end of the day, remember that you can always add on anything at the end of the campaign via the Backerkit preorder store and/or via your survey.

Should I increase my pledge now or add on later?

I keep getting this question so I thought I should give you all the official answer. The short answer is, either way works. The longer answer is, if you pledge during the campaign, we are likely to unlock more stretch goals and secure them for all backers. Plus, it gives the campaign more momentum, which is fun for everyone! However, if you are not sure yet and want to see how things progress, then I encourage you to wait rather than canceling or decreasing your pledge over the course of the campaign. Also, please remember that your credit card will not be charged until the campaign ends (which is 49 days from now).

As always, I love seeing your enthusiasm and hearing your great ideas, so reach out via comments or send me a private message or email to

Love, Light and Gratitude to all for your continued patience and support!